Imprese JA


Our idea is an APP. It is  a simple and flexible solution suitable for people of all ages to make responsible purchases and guarantee the health of the planet.
Using our transversal school career skills, we analyzed the food waste problem and how to reduce hunger in the world to protect the planet. 
We set up a legal entity by creating a "srl semplificata", an organized structure with different roles and functions, called InFood S.R.L. 
To give more visibility, we launched "InFood" media spaces on the main social media such as Facebook and Instagram, as well as we launched a website called "InFood no time to waste". 
In addition, our app provides useful information for users and food-producers, through a QR CODE scanning. 
InFood desire is to transform a problem into an opportunity for everyone, creating jobs, protecting the customers' health, reducing food waste and minimizing environment illness. 
Our mission is to involve everyone in the fight against excessive toss of food.