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RomagnAmo JA

RomagnAmo JA operates in the tourism industry, it is a MARKET-PLACE for travellers looking for an experience and emotions with Local RomagnoliHosts.

The problems encountered are the difficulty in organizing an original, stimulating and interesting guided tour by coming into contact with the local people.

The online platform will be divided into 4 sections:  ENERGY, FOOD&WINE, ART&CULTURE, FAMILY.

We aim to give you a total romagnola experience that only Romagna can offer, because our philosophy is that our territory is unique, different from others with its characteristics which can still be developed, this is our goal.

To ensure the safety and quality of the experience, we only offer LocalHost, once we have personally checked the quality of the experience.

Therefore, to provide and maintain a good service, a total service cost of 20% is applied. (10% is applied to the traveller and the remaining to the Host).

The model used is very similar to that of other internationally known and renowned platforms such as Airbnb and TUI-Musement.

Each service offered will be accompanied by reviews from those who have previously lived the experience.

At the moment Romagnamo is online as an experiment. The next step is the launch of the platform with the resources we will receive, taking advantage of a marketing campaign suitable for the launch of the website and subsequently the creation of an app for smartphones.

We are sure that as soon as we go online, the turnover growth will be immediate, consequently we will increase the organizational structure by hiring commercial managers who will encourage the purchase of the Membership card at ADV, OTA,  Hotels and their facilities, APT and back-office staff to fulfill and process orders effectively and efficiently.