Imprese JA


Green & Global is a non-profit mini-enterprise, founded by the
students of 3AR, class of the Keynes institute, which aims to come together,
collaborate and interact with one another after the period of closure due to the
pandemic. This company (cooperativa sociale) is founded on ideas of
integration and eco-sustainability and proposes the sale of G & G products for
house cleaning. The products are created by the students themselves with the
collaboration of the inmates of the Bologna prison. The proposed innovation
consists in using as raw materials the masks donated by the State to the
schools that the students tend not to use and, therefore, to be discarded. This
allows us to produce without generating waste. It’s all at zero cost.
The goal is to help and protect our environment, as unused masks, which are
thrown away or, worse, burned, produce pollution. Another important factor
is that of safeguarding the fauna, because the rubber bands of the masks can
suffocate small animals that try to eat them: by killing them.