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Compleo JA

Compleo is a job matching platform with a target on domestic work, often excluded from formal circuits, even last minute and at competitive costs with the aim of streamlining bureaucracy, improving the quality of service, and fighting illegal work and the consequent tax evasion...

Compleo's goal is to help those who have difficulty integrating and regulating occasional services. Compleo, through the platform, will put in contact those who find it difficult to find work, giving families the opportunity to view the profiles of potential candidates, select the most suitable according to their needs and make the payment of the relative remuneration...Compleo takes care of the bureaucracy and the preparation of the contract, provides insurance coverage to the worker and pays the withholding tax in his favour, paying him within 48 hours of the service.

Within the marketplace there is a review and feedback system through which the reliability and professionalism of the registered workers can be assessed.