Imprese JA

Bióg JA

Our purpose is to find a brand new idea to reduce the pollution of the packaging.

We realized that today on the market to be a green company and have sustainable packaging, it is an important factor.

During our studies we realized that the different competitors had strengths but also defects, in fact many companies similar to us are unable to limit the amount of waste and are not 100% sustainable since they use materials such as Tetrapak - which is thought to be sustainable but it is difficult to recycle because of the many multilayers, which are complicated to separate, or the use of a certain percentage of aluminum.

Also the amount of color you use in the packaging can affect the output.

The more colors you use the less compostable the material is.

We also analyzed The Plantable Card which is a company very close to our vision.

We decided to focus on an original, unusual material that is reusable after its very first use.

The material  is obtained by mixing flour, paper pulp, starch and various seeds. 

We managed to create a truly biodegradable material which, once planted , thanks to the seeds, will grow an aromatic plant (oregano, rosemary, parsley etc ...).

The packs will be in contact with the product and we’ll take care of the aesthetic aspect and communication.

One of our main colors is blue, choosen because it recalls water and nature, but thanks to the colors we use, that are not harmful to the environment it’s possible to create a wide range of them.

Because of the use of aromatic plants (that are useful also in cooking, in addition to decorations) we are different from any other players in the market

We sell our products in limited editions, therefore they are not easy to be found.

For the launch of the first product we would like to choose the Earth day (April 22).

This day was chosen because we want to create more awareness and attention regarding our planet and what we discard in it.

The next step will be to propose other packaging for other special days, keeping the same material but changing the product and the shape of the packaging.

In light of the new sad developments we want to avoid affecting the food crisis, so we decided to replace food products with flour and starch derived from potato peels that would be discarded from potato processing and then thrown away.